"Repurpose | Reuse | Recycle - one mans Treasures"

Life of a Building - Cradle to Cradle

A building is born from a dream and a purpose. It starts off with a beautiful smile and an elegance all its own. She is typically the darling of the neighborhood. As it ages, the years will take its toll on the materials and appearance. The purpose may change, but the character is still there. So what happens when years of neglect and lack of maintenance finally take its toll? That is when you talk to us. When a building has suffered irreparable damages or has become dilapidated and dangerous, it is time to demolish or better yet, deconstruct it.

We help you in the planning and demolition of your worn out buildings. Check out the Consulting section or the review some of the Case Studies of other projects. Our goal is to divert more than 90% from the landfills through careful demolition planning and Innovative Deconstruction solutions.

We also help you find new homes for many of the building components, This is often called Architectural Salvage and comes in many forms. Some could be seen as antiques, others are just everyday items that still have a use and purpose.

If you are looking for something special, check out the Salvaged Materials section. The items are constantly changing. If you can't find it, just contact us. there are many items that we don't have listed on this site.


Demolition Consultant
Sometimes, old deteriorated buildings need to come down. We provide the knowledge and process to help you deconstruct them sustainably, both financially and environmentally.
Architectural Salvage
One man's junk is another man's Treasure. Take a look at the Treasures we have salvaged from our demolition projects that are for sell.
Repurposed Creations
We love to take the old building materials and find a new life for them. Take a look at some of our Custom Designs when we were INSPIRED by the beauty of the parts.

Visit the Salvage Yard .....

During the deconstruction and salvage process, we often discover some wonderful items that we make available for sale. These items are in their original locations. Come visit each location, look it over, buy it and take it home. All prices are individually negotiated.

School Equipment

From desks and chairs to maps and lockers, we have multiple school locations with thousands of gently used school equipment that you can use today

Office Equipment & Furniture

Whether it is an executive desk, file cabinets, shelves, training tables or just a conference table and chairs, we have many of the regular items you need for your office.

Medical Equipment

Special equipment and accessories, gently used, from hospitals and clinics. From overstock inventories and when the hospitals upgraded or expanded, as well as some classic, Vintage ER equipment.

Industrial | Vintage

Pre 1950's and Industrial style items available to fit that special look and style you desire

Latest Deconstruction Projects