Deconstruction is evolving

The throwaway society that we had for years has evolved to the point where people want to reuse as opposed to build new. Had a great opportunity to sit down with a friend of mine to discuss Deconstruction and the many opportunities out there for reusing, re-purposing and recycling building materials. He also just happens […]

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Deconstruction Presentation

The 7th Annual Growing Sustainable Communities Conference in Dubuque this past week was inspirational and had a tremendous turnout. The conference was held at the Grand River Center in Dubuque on Oct. 7 and 8. I was honored to be one of the Workshop speakers during the wednesday sessions. The presentation was the Sustainability of Demolition and […]

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Welcome to DemolitionArch

Welcome to DemolitionArch. On this Blog, we will share with you items of interest in the demolition and deconstruction world. We will also share stories on how some projects have been successful in being Sustatinable through the implementation of successful C&D waste management. You might call it Green Demolition, or environmentally conscious, or Recycling or […]

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