“Demolition Arch Salvage Yard”

Ever have that Dream of walking through an old building looking for that one of a kind Treasure, just like an "American Picker"?  As we help folks with the demolition or deconstruction of their buildings, we often find that the buildings are full of "Treasures". There are many items that are still in great shape and can be reused for their original purpose. Other items offer a wonderful opportunity for repurposing. So we created the Salvage Yard to make these treasures available to you. All items are still located in the buildings which are slated for demolition. Therefore, the time frame for buying is limited to the time frame before demolition begins.

We have a rotating and changing inventory of school furniture, office furniture, medical equipment, and building components. We will occasionally have Salvaged woodwork and doors, cabinets, barnwood and framing, ornamental iron, stained glass and a host of other items. You can own these items and reuse them for what they are, or repurpose them into a number of other uses. The only limit is your own imagination.

The process is simple. Find an item in the inventory below that you like and contact us. We will make arrangements with you for purchase and to pick up the items. We do not ship or mail anything. There is no central warehouse or show room. You will need to bring your own tools, truck, equipment and crew.  Items can not be removed without prior payment. 

This is not an auction site. We work on a first come first serve policy. Prices are included on many items, others are negotiable. We often have hundreds of the same item, such as a school desk chair, but only show a representative photo for styles. You can buy one or dozens. If you love the adventure of being an "American Picker", then come to one of our sites and pick away!

Contact us for details on each one, or leave us a comment and we will get back to you.
If you have something you would like to sell, just let us know. We might be able to find you a buyer. 

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  1. I have a project here in Devils Lake, which is about 160 miles NW of Fargo.
    The project involves deconstruction of some grain bins and repurposing others. I also have a 40’ x 100’ Agsco arch building that will be moved and restored. I would like to cut the slab in pieces and reuse for flooring after the building is grouted in.

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