AE Demolition Planning

Planning for the demolition or deconstruction of a building usually begins 1-2 years ahead of the actual deconstruction. Developing a schedule or timeline of events is key to staying on track. Sometimes the planning is simple, starting with a conversation on the benefits of recycling and reuse. Other times, it is much more complicated with the termination of major utilities through other buildings, or imploding a building 15 feet from one you want to save. 

Here are some of the ways we have helped others. We can help you too.

  • Assist local organizations / municipalities with discussions on how to Recycle / Reuse / Repurpose components of building demolition or deconstruction.
  • Developing methods for construction waste management that offset the costs of demolition and deconstruction.
  • We create a programming report that provides the “Roadmap” on the specifics of the demolition techniques and methods that are best utilized for the most environmentally and financially sustainable demolition or deconstruction.Demolition Programming Report
  • Demolition Budget Estimates:  We tour the building(s) and site to understand the potentials for salvaging and recycling materials and create the estimate on potential budget savings or extra revenue.
  • We develop innovative solutions  through Reuse / Recycling / Repurposing for site specific conditions.
  • Coordinate the design / planning of the termination and removal of site / building utilities.
  • Development of demolition / deconstruction waste management plans and diversion goals
  • Coordination of the demolition needs with any new construction efforts or building components.
  • We work with other architects to dovetail the demolition / deconstruction needs into the new building project and provide phasing / sequencing advice when demolition or deconstruction takes place before, during, or after new construction activities.
  • Coordination of the demolition / deconstruction efforts with your current Sustainability Guidelines  or Current Construction waste management plans and work with the Director of Facilities in coordination of Facility Guideline Requirements.

(Planning services can involve many of the additional services listed on the Consulting page as well.)

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