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Demolition Projects on the way

Been really busy the last month or so with all the traveling and new deconstruction projects. There has been quite a bit of activity as we prepare to release the plans and specs for some upcoming demolition projects in Iowa and Illinois. We have 6 projects for deconstruction and demolition that will all bid in early November. I think each one will generate a lot of interest from around the Midwest.
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It will be exciting to have another Implosion project just around the corner. It is a 20 story Residence Hall and should be pretty tremendous to see this one come down! The Implosion is set for June of 2016.

I have an old hospital that will be ready to come down soon. It has been through some basic deconstruction and had a fun time finding homes for some interesting hospital components.
Another fun one has been the deconstruction of a high school. This one has been profiled on TV and in a documentary regarding the closing of old schools and what to do with the buildings. Met a lot of cool people from the community while I have been selling the salvage from the school. What i have found in this 1919 building has been amazing!

So much more to come!

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Kansas | Missouri Tank Demolition

Had a great trip reviewing the next round of Tank Demolition in the Kansas | Missouri corridor.Tearing down steel tanks in 5 locations in and around Kansas. Looking forward to a great a Fall for all the new demolition projects. Have 14 in the Midwest area for building demolition. I will be putting a number of them out on the street for public bidding. Stay tuned to find out more about each one.