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Demolition Projects on the way

Been really busy the last month or so with all the traveling and new deconstruction projects. There has been quite a bit of activity as we prepare to release the plans and specs for some upcoming demolition projects in Iowa and Illinois. We have 6 projects for deconstruction and demolition that will all bid in early November. I think each one will generate a lot of interest from around the Midwest.
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It will be exciting to have another Implosion project just around the corner. It is a 20 story Residence Hall and should be pretty tremendous to see this one come down! The Implosion is set for June of 2016.

I have an old hospital that will be ready to come down soon. It has been through some basic deconstruction and had a fun time finding homes for some interesting hospital components.
Another fun one has been the deconstruction of a high school. This one has been profiled on TV and in a documentary regarding the closing of old schools and what to do with the buildings. Met a lot of cool people from the community while I have been selling the salvage from the school. What i have found in this 1919 building has been amazing!

So much more to come!

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Deconstruction is evolving

The throwaway society that we had for years has evolved to the point where people want to reuse as opposed to build new.

Had a great opportunity to sit down with a friend of mine to discuss Deconstruction and the many opportunities out there for reusing, re-purposing and recycling building materials. He also just happens to work for the newspaper.  You can check out his article here.

Our society has changed in how it looks at our resources. More people are taking the time to figure out ways to reuse what they have instead of throwing it away.  This is a good thing. There are literally hundreds of start up companies out there whose focus is to take old materials and reuse / repurpose them in fun and creative ways.

Sometimes the efforts are on a large scale, like when deconstructing an entire building and reusing the concrete for crushed gravel.


other times, it is just as simple as re-purposing the parts into something beautiful. (Serving trays made from salvaged barn wood by )


If you need help figuring out how to salvage your old building, or are looking for some resources, just let us know. We can help.

Stay tuned, there’s more to come.

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Deconstruction Presentation

The 7th Annual Growing Sustainable Communities Conference in Dubuque this past week was inspirational and had a tremendous turnout. The conference was held at the Grand River Center in Dubuque on Oct. 7 and 8. I was honored to be one of the Workshop speakers during the wednesday sessions. The presentation was the Sustainability of Demolition and Deconstruction. If you weren’t able to attend the conference, visit the link below and you can view a number of the presentations on line. There were great Keynote speakers. Get this one on your calendar for next year!