Deconstruction Passion

Don has been involved in the Architectural profession for over 35 years. Early exposure to Historical Preservation and Industrial Archaeology fueled the inner desires to embrace ways to preserve our natural resources and the environment. While designing and creating buildings all across the country, the desire to incorporate our past into our future through repurposing and reuse of architectural elements became a strong and common theme. When the opportunity occurs where you have to demolish a building to make room for a new building, the process becomes even more highlighted and exciting.

DemolitionArch evolved from the passion and thrill of taking the old and making it new again, sometimes in very surprising ways and nothing like the original. Whether this is from the restoration of a grand historic structure or the deconstruction of a dilapidated old building, there are simply hundreds of ways to embrace the reuse and repurposing of materials.There is an immense satisfaction from diverting hundreds of thousands of tons of materials from our growing landfills. And in finding homes for other deconstructed materials in the dreams of other architects, designers, and other folks who create and build the environment where we work and play every day.

 We are simply stewards for all the resources mother nature has provided us. It is our responsibility to be environmentally, and economically sustainable as designers.

Deconstruction has evolved over the years from saving a few 2x4's and some brick, to a multi-million dollar industry. The key to deconstructing a building is not the demolition itself, but the process in finding homes for the resources and repurposing  or reusing the materials in another way. This is where DemolitionArch can help. We have a database of contacts and resources to help find homes for the salvaged materials, and even find materials for those looking to recapture the past. Let us know how we can help.

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  1. Interesting new adventures Don. Wishing you much success.

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