Consulting Services

Seymour is an Architectural Demolition Consultant, Deconstruction Architect, and Waste Cap Accredited Professional with over 17 years demolition and deconstruction experience, combined with over 35 years Architectural experience.

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Bunge Grain Elevator Demolition

When you know how to design buildings, you have a pretty good idea how to deconstruct them in the most effective way.

Services focus on demolition programming, deconstruction planning, budgeting, analysis, thorough coordination with site remediation, utility terminations, and future building development requirements from owner’s perspective. Heavy emphasis on recycling and deconstruction techniques that has consistently achieved >90% diversion from landfills, resulting in significant savings. Specialized inventory removal process realizes additional upfront funding.

When you need help getting started, give us a call. We can review your building or structure and provide ideas on what materials that can be recycled and how. Or if more detailed information is needed, we can provide a full Demolition report, which outlines the most cost effective method for Deconstruction / Demolition, along with specific recommendations on salvaging, recycling, utility termination, site remediation and a host of other site specific conditions. From a casual conversation to a full set of bidding documents, we can help.

Demolition Consulting Services: 

  • AE Demolition Planning 
  • AE Demolition Documentation- Plans and Specs 
  • Budget estimating 
  • Programming and Demolition Analysis and Reports 
  • Review of Insurance requirements 
  • Recycling and Repurposing 
  • Demolition Inventory removal services 
  • Pre-Bid Services 
  • Demolition and Construction observation and demolition review 
  • Review and coordination of environmental issues 
  • Project Management and Company Efficiency 
  • Coordination of Demolition 
  • Grants and Funding Resources 
  • Speaker / Presenter to your organization on Demolition / Deconstruction
  • Coordination with local (AHJ’s) Authorities Having Jurisdiction

Call or email; We can help.

Contact: 515.418.7244